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Where sustainability meets luxury- Six Senses Zighy Bay

Oman has been known as a hidden gem just across the border from the UAE. As if it had been trapped in time, there is a sense of modesty and preservation, just opposite of what we find in the UAE. Yet, one of the most luxurious resorts, Six Senses Zighy Bay is located in Oman, […]

Sustainable tourism in the Middle East driven by passion

Six Senses Zighy Bay resort sets an example of what stakeholder engagement in sustainability means. Tourism is responsible for roughly 8% of the world’s carbon emissions while it accounts for 10% of the world’s GDP. Sustainable tourism is the answer to the tourism paradox – maximize its value creation- economic impact, and minimize negative impacts on the […]

Six Reasons Why You Need To Visit Vertical Space

Vertical Space is home to Urban Nest and Vertical Design DXB, both women-owned businesses that employ other women, forming a creative and unique collective unit. It is the location to meet entrepreneurs’ goals, provides a vibrant, pleasant environment in a thriving urban city, and fosters a culture of community in which everyone is welcome. Vertical […]

Celebrating World Environment Day- Plant a tree

As a part of the World Environment Day celebration, GreenFootprint creates positive impacts and resort nature. We are inviting people to experience tree planting from their homes by gifting them with Ghaf Tree seeds. Only a bit of soil, water and love is needed for this process. Ghaf Tree The Ghaf is a drought-tolerant tree, […]

World Environment Day Recycling Challenge

Collaboration for impact In collaboration with The American Women’s Network Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Accueil, GreenFootprint and ReLoop organized the World Environment Day Recycling Challenge. The goal of this initiative was to raise awareness, share knowledge and creating positive impact! The American Women’s Network Abu Dhabi is an informal network of women from all over the world […]

Eco Products to become mainstream

Brought by ShiftEco Why to Shift? Why Eco Products? We live in an era of convenience. The minute you need something, you either hop across to the nearest supermarket or get online and make an immediate purchase. Easy, comfortable and instant.  We at Shift Eco, did an analysis and figured that on average, our personal […]

EXPO2020: What did we learn and what could be done better?

As EXPO2020 is coming to the end, it is interesting to wrap up impressions and reflect on what we learned and what could be done better.  “Connecting minds, creating future”- the theme of Expo2020 Dubai, is funded on the conviction that bringing the globe together can accelerate the interchange of new perspectives and inspire action […]

EcoWASTE Exhibition & Forum 2022 to focus on sustainable waste management and the circular economy

The Middle East’s leading business and networking event for sustainable waste management, the EcoWASTE Exhibition & Forum, returns to Abu Dhabi, UAE for an 8th edition between 17 and 19 January 2022, that will be co-located with the World Future Energy Summit. Held in partnership with Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center – Tadweer as part […]

Recycle from your doorstep- ReLoop APP

Interview by Youssef Chehade and Mohammad Abdulmoti, Ecyclex Founders Q: Ecyclex is certified and known recycling company in the UAE that has been working with organizations. However, in October 2021, you brought a recycling solution to households- to their doorstep. ReLoop is the outcome of over 2 years of development and testing in UAE. Its […]

Recyclable waste is a valuable material, but not cost-free

Interview by Youssef Chehade and Mohammad Abdulmoti, Ecyclex Founders By motivating and educating people to start segregating waste at home, we emphasize value that recyclable waste has. When we speak about the value, certainly there is a market to circulate, buy, and sell materials. But more than this, there is a value for our health […]

COP26 – Changing Consumer Behaviour

By Aimen Khan COP26 recently happened in Glasgow, Scotland brought discussions on various topics focusing on economies of climate change, state of earth, impact of youth voice, women leading on gender and climate action and many other topics among which one was changing consumer behavior. The discussion revolved around understanding consumer behavioral patterns and using […]

Conscious consumption in the UAE

By Aimen Khan Key Findings in our Think Tank Lab According to the survey conducted in 2019, conscious consumption is growing in the UAE with the focus on eco-friendly measures and sustainable products are on the rise. According to the report, in the next 5 years, Conscious Consumption will be directing many initiatives and projects; […]

Small Business with a big CSR impact- Upcycle Lets transform

Upcycle Lets transform started as an initiative by two social entrepreneurs (women) to bring to the UAE market sustainable products with cause, promoting REUSE. Upcycle brings a huge passion and drive to have a better tomorrow for our kids.  “We are strong believers in the 5 R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot) and believe that […]

Do fresh products stay fresh if kept in cotton bags instead of plastic bags?

By Batul Bharmal and Anupama Gokhale We all know how the problem of plastic is responsible for polluting our land and oceans. Our addictions to single use plastic item has led to a huge long term impact on the environment. According to a report presented in the World Government Summit in February 2019, 11 billion plastic […]

Protected: Fresh, Healthy and Affordable- Kibsons made it possible

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Organic Foods and Café Values

 Interview with Nils El Accad, Funder Organic Foods and Café is a family run company founded in 2004 that runs organic supermarkets and cafés selling fresh organic and biodynamic foods, groceries, supplements, meat, dairy products, breads and household cleaning products. Today, the company employs over 500 people. It operates in 6 locations across Dubai and […]

Wicked story: The life and times of PLASTICS

By Eric Schaffner, Founder of ZeLoop: Circular Economy Reward Platform You spent years working in the packaging industry for one of the leading service solution provider, for beverage, food, home and personal care products packaging. When you put all aspects together, every type of material has pros and cons. Can you give us some insights […]

Building Circular Economy

Interview with Dr Sassan Dieter Khatib-Shahidi, CEO, German Imaging Technologies (GIT) Q: As the world is getting more conscious and we are in the era of digitization, we would expect that paper consumption would reduce over time, but the trends are different. Does a paperless future exist?   A paperless future might be a reality, […]

Unconventional way to create awareness

During the DIFC Art Nights 2020 event that took place in November 2020, teamed up with Artezaar and Unite for Planet in order to spread awareness about the waste issues and sustainable living. chose an unconventional rather than mainstream way to create media and promotional material and spread messages. Instead of printing organisational […]

‘My Green Home’ Heros

By Hinal Kale is turning 1 on June 5, which is World Environment Day. We want to celebrate nature and biodiversity, not only by planting trees and educating kids about waste reduction and recycling, but we believe in community sharing. We are featuring “My Green Home Heros” that make the UAE greener place and […]

‘My Green Home’ Heros

By Anju Chhatwani is turning 1 on June 5, World Environment Day. We organised a couple of initiatives to celebrate nature and biodiversity, such as planting trees and educating kids about waste reduction and recycling. As we also believe in community sharing, which is one of the key pillars of this platform, we are […]

Youth for Happier and Greener Community!

By Tristan du Toi Tristan is a 12 year old boy living in the Lakes community. He developed love and knowledge about cycling from his dad. He also learned how to fix bicycles and soon started helping his friends and neighbors. This is a great example about the young age connection with nature; skills and […]

Youth for Change!

By Maitha Al Remeithi Maitha is a young Emirati student, currently pursuing a degree in chemistry at the University of Sharjah. She has always been an advocate of sustainability, which is why she joined the Green Footprint initiative as an intern to promote green living. Today, she is also one of the Future Sustainability Leaders at Youth 4 Sustainability […]

Sustainable Packaging is a possible, viable, and preferable solution

Mazen Ghasham, General Manager UAE, Let’s Popcorn Why are you popcorn called Gourmet popcorn?  Our Products have a prime quality! All Let’s Popcorn flavors are processed manually and locally prepared. Let’s Popcorn is committed to best value of each popcorn kernels, highest quality ingredients and healthiest cooking method. Each set of our Let’s popcorn is […]

“Earth” exhibition at the DIFC Art Nights

By Teena Thawani and Leena Kewlani, Co-Founders of Artezaar Can you tell us more about Artezaar? Being artists ourselves, we love collaborating with fellow artists, and are proud that we understand their DNA. It all started with a simple need and the right opportunity, with a mission – to build a community of flourishing and […]

“Zero waste living” isn’t just for hippies anymore! It’s a solution to fight plastic pollution!

By Jelena Lefavrais, GreenFootprint Founder Issues Globally, almost half of the plastic production is used in the Food and Beverages industry. Over 50% of of Global Food Waste is created by Households and 19% by the processing sector in the food chain. Isn’t this an alert that we start to rethink about the way we […]

Global Megatrends that are changing shoppers’ expectations

Interview with Andrej Isoski, Commercial Director Middle East, HL Display (HL) Megatrends are changing shoppers’ expectations around convenience, experience, service and sustainability. Shifts within demographics and lifestyle, such as urbanization, an increasing number of single households and a growing but aging population lead consumers to re-prioritize their time. Furthermore, concerns regarding sustainability and climate change […]

How does the UAE compare to the other markets, when it comes to Zero Waste Shopping?

Interview with Andrej Isoski, Commercial Director Middle East, HL Display (HL) HL offers the merchandising solutions to reduce waste. Have the retailers in the UAE shown the interest about these solutions? Yes, indeed! Leading retailers have all interest to reduce waste and offer shoppers to chose. Food retailers like Carrefour and Lulu have started in […]

Marta Roman, Environmentalist

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? Extrovert, sustainable, Spanish, mum How has your sustainable journey started? When I become a mother What is your vision and how do you think you add value to the community? I want to inspire others to change their behaviour Can you share a couple of practical examples on your sustainable […]

How has shopper behavior been impacted by the pandemic?

Interview with Andrej Isoski, Commercial Director Middle East, HL Display (HL) COVID-19 has changed lives rapidly across the globe, also here in Middle East and, with it, the way we shop groceries. Many consumers have seen their personal finances being impacted negatively since the crisis hit. While lower disposable income and overall economic insecurity has […]

Alternative Plastics and some of the issues with them

by Rebecca Pritchard, The Good Karma Co Unfortunately alternative plastics are not the best solution. We all hope they are, but it’s harder to make better choices if we don’t have a full grasp of the issues and options available to us. I hope this article will help shed some light on the alternatives we are […]

Leena Al Abbas, Organic Glow UAE Owner

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? Emirati, vegan, Greenpreneur, clean beauty advocate How has your sustainable journey started? From a young age. What is your vision and how do you think you add value to the community? By educating others by sharing personal tips on how to protect the environment and make your home/business greener Can […]

Sustainable businesses within the UAE are growing despite pandemics!

By Najia Qazi  An opportunity already exists and with the pandemic there is a phenomenal growth of Sustainable business within Dubia, UAE. It is transforming the business ecosystems that we participate especially in times of COVID-19. Sustainable Narrative decided to host The Digital Sustainability Week for the month of September (20th to 27th Sept 2020) to highlight on the real stories […]

Eco Friendly Halloween!

By Zeina AlHashmi It’s October, which means its Halloween season. Since this holiday is known to be one of the most fun and exciting as people’s creativity really kicks in, we wanted to spice up the creativity levels even more and help celebrate & enjoy it in an eco-friendly way. Now, Halloween can not only […]

Deanna, BE the change you wish to see in the world!

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? Deanna, 31, Australian, Environmentalist How has your sustainable journey started?Recycling was always part of my life growing up, but my real mission for change started the day they removed recycling bins from my building here in Dubai in May 2015. By January 2016 I began finding solutions for waste and […]

Doua Benhida, Zero waste Advocate in the UAE

Describe yourself in 3-5 words Zero Waste advocate, mom to a 4 year old son How has your sustainable journey started? It all started when I saw that there was a ridiculous amount of plastic in my house, from my family’s shopping, grocery shopping… my bathroom.. I got so overwhelmed by it I decided to […]

Natalie Hobbs, Founder of Modibodi UAE

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? Australian Entrepreneur living in Dubai  How has your sustainable journey started? It started many years ago in Australia. My parents were always focused of recycling, reducing waste and re-using where possible.  What is your vision and how do you think you add value to the community? I hope that in 5-10 years […]

How to rid of the plastics in your WATER consumption?

Is it safe to drink tap water in Dubai? Official statements from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have stated that “Our water quality across the generation, transmission and distribution networks meets the highest health and safety standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is the responsibility of the customer or owner […]

Marie Casalme, a partner in Ecofriendly KAIA

Describe yourself in 3-5 words Licensed Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer How has your sustainable journey started? I am an expat who grew up in huge farmland in a town where being eco-friendly is not even discussed because it’s what we grew up with, it is the norm there even now. My childhood was founded with […]

What is slow fashion?

By Araceli Gallego Slow fashion is part of the “slow movement” applied to fashion and our closets. Basically, it is the opposite to fast fashion and what it entails when it comes to overproduction, exploitation, and waste. From the customer perspective embracing slow fashion means to buy less but better, and mostly products that follow […]

How can we learn about sustainability through the Emirati culture?

By Abdulrahman Alzaabi Why are the date palms trees so important for Emiratis? Well, to answer that, we have to look into the history of how the date palms benefited the Emirati people and helped shape their culture. Thus, I’ll share a brief historical background of the nature and how these elements helped push people […]

Ruby Archambault Giroux, The Botanist owner

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? Mum of 2, endurance sports lover and passionate by healthy tasty natural food (almost vegan… still on the process) How has your sustainable journey started? I come from a hippie family! My mum always teaches me about the environment, healthy food. I’m coming from a small village in Canada near […]

Najia Qazi, Fashion designer and Founder of Sustainable Narrative

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? Pakistani origin living in Dubai, Fashion designer and Founder of Sustainable Narrative How has your sustainable journey started? Back in 2018, I founded Sustainable Narrative after studying about Sustainable and Ethical Fashion at Central Saint Martins, London, UK and finding a solution to the current gap and non-existing Sustainable market that […]

Nancy Juárez, Economist and a passionate environmentalist

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? Mexican Economist & CFA, 27 years old and a passionate environmentalist How has your sustainable journey started? It started from my health journey trying to avoid toxins entering my body. Then I realized it is all connected, its circular, whatever damages the environment will damage the human body in away. […]

Zeina AlHashmi, Sustainability Specialist and Environmentalist

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? Eco-conscious Mom of two – who is about all things sustainable, 28, Yemeni / Egyptian, Sustainability Specialist How has your sustainable journey started? My mentor at work involved me in a waste management project that opened my eyes up to the issues around waste generation and disposal. I felt helpless […]

Aisha Bin Brook, TreatMeGlutenFree Owner and Emirati Woman in Green Business

How would you describe yourself in 3-5 words? Emarati woman who is minimalist and eco activist.   Can you tell us more about your brand? Treat Me Gluten Free started after noticing the lack of healthy and averaged price products in the market. We first started in 2017 as a subscription service offering hand-selected products […]

Sarah Siblini, Environmentalist

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? Mum of 3, Environmentalist, Photographer, Kundalini yoga teacher-in-training, Dive master How has your sustainable journey started? I have felt connected to nature for as far as I can remember. Because of this connection, I strongly feel part of our greater ecosystem. So naturally I’ve always been concerned with the way we […]

Plastic free periods

By Charlene Nawar Periods don’t just give us cramps – they do so many other things too! Let’s start with the fact that the average woman goes through up to 16,000 disposable pads or tampons in a lifetime. Each product is used on average for 4-8 hours before being thrown away, only then to take […]

Rebecca Pritchard, The Good Karma Co. Owner

Describe yourself in 3-5 words? 33 year old yoga teacher with a passion for making the mundane meaningful, living a simple life and reducing negative impact on the world.   How has your sustainable journey started?My low waste journey started towards the end of 2018, I began taking an interest in making my own skin care and […]

Araceli Gallego, Founder of @goshopia_official

Can you describe yourself in a couple of words? Spanish, Mum of a beautiful girl, Founder of @dubaifashionnews, @goshopia_official and keynote speaker How has your sustainable journey started? I have always been a green heart, but my battle was mostly with plastic and deforestation. I never saw my closet as part of the problem. Until […]

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