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Funded by the UAE government, Green Footprint is a crowd-sourcing platform for recognizing, supporting, and growing sustainable practices and initiatives.Today, we hear more and more about a CO2 footprint. We wish to look positively into the future showing good examples, and this is why we speak about the GREEN FOOTPRINT, demonstrating how to do it, in order to tackle climate change issues!

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Our Key PillarsWe work on creating circular economy and safer environment. We work on improving impacts by using our principle: AWARENESS, EDUCATION, ENGAGEMENT, ACTION

Community Sharing

We bring community together in spreading the green footprint! We put light on alternatives to single use plastic, sustainable and ethical choices.

Household Improvements

We want to help you to cut costs and optimize resources. We bring to you suggestions and replies to your questions on how to do it.

Waste Management

We wish to close the loop and bring to your attention and awareness to production, consumption and waste issues. Can we fit our waste in one jar?!

Smart Partnerships

We bring together government, industries and consumers in order to create value-share model for everybody, for creating positive environmental, social and economic impacts.

Our ValuesWe care for clean & safe ecosystems and encourage fair, transparent and responsible consumerism.

Cost-efficient: having economic sense

Fair Pricing / Saving / Affordable / Competitiveness / Value for money / Durable / Reusable / Circular / Sustainable / Quality / Reputation / Value adding

Social: bringing value to the society

Locally made / Woman Owned / Fair Trade / Ethical / Responsible / Transparent / Knowledgeable /  Kid Friendly / Pet Friendly / Purpose driven / Care for employees / Care for consumers / Sharing  / Inclusive

Environmental: being kind to the nature

Bio / Organic / Natural / No single use plastic / No Waste / Eco Packaging / Vegan / Vegetarian / Ecological / Healthy / Eco-friendly / Resources preservation / Repurposing / Upcycled / Recycled / Regenerative

Innovative: away from business as usual

Original / Handmade / Useful / Different / Revolutionary / Optimizing / Repurposing / Enabling

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For Individuals

  • Create an account to start spreading awareness and positive messages
  • Your opinion matters please share it (create listings in 2 clicks for your favorite eco-places, products and initiatives; share what you know; rate the listings to help us create transparency; pose questions to the business owners and share your opinion)
  • Let us know what you are looking for by dropping us a message
  • Help others to know what you know and help good practices spread!

For businesses

We are here to help you grow and show an example to the others