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Start your GreenFootprint in the UAE

Discover Sustainable Solutions for Zero Waste Living

Supported by the UAE government

Our MissionWe are here to help you to FIND sustainable and green practices, OPTIMIZE costs and resources, IMPROVE your choices, REDUCE and responsibly DISPOSE of the waste, and WORK on creating together greener community. Let's start Green Living!

Start Zero Waste Shopping

Support our Zero Waste Shopping Campaign and say “NO” to single use plastic! Consumers have power to drive trends! Vote with your dirham for sustainable solutions and businesses!

Make your HOME greener

Reduce your waste!

Our goal is to support you to make your Household Greener, by optimizing resources, cutting expenses, and reducing single use plastic!

Try to fit your waste in one jar

Let’s work together in diverting waste from landfill!

The Green Footprint brings government, industries and consumers together in creating positive impacts and value-shared model for all.