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Gender: Female
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The best recent discovery in the UAE:
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  • Sustainable businesses within UAE are growing despite pandemics! - 28/10/2020

    […] Footprint is collaborating with Thrift for Good and Goshopia in providing you the PROMO codes (click here to know […]

  • Natalie Hobbs, Founder of Modibodi UAE - 12/10/2020

    […] I hope that in 5-10 years pads and tampons will no longer exist. Instead, women will use sustainable, reusable, more comfortable and safer products such as Modibodi.  […]

  • jelena milicevic 20/09/2020

    I love these products! Very comfortable and efficient!

  • What is slow fashion? - 10/09/2020

    […] is collaborating with Goshopia in spreading the awareness and providing sustainable […]

  • PLASTIC FREE PERIODS – 30/06/2020

    […] We have a local Modibodi supplier here in the UAE! They are fabulous and have a range for teens, classics, seamfree, swimwear, vegan, maternity … you name it! Check out their website here at […]