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The online shop and virtual mall, offering sustainable fashion brands, supplied from Europe and locally, supporting local economy, niche designers and micro-brands. Products are mainly handmade, made in low production, from organic and vegan materials, or in line with fair trade.

The site delivers FREE of charge internationally. For the majority of products, delivery takes 1-2 days, and for some international brands up to 7 days. There is a 14 days exchange policy.


STORYTELLING- From the owner

Goshopia is the first emarketplace for slow & sustainable fashion in the Middle East. Designers and brands that want to join need to follow at least one of our 3 S´s or core values: Slow, Sustainable and Socially Responsible. Also, we work with OneTreePlanted, so every purchase translates into more trees.

Goshopia comes out of my passion for creativity, my love for Nature and the belief there is room to improve and help each other as a society. As former Project Manager and Blogger, I saw the lack of support some budding designers and artisans were getting and how wasteful the fast fashion industry was and decided to act upon it. I realized too that when you want to dress with a conscience, the options are all scattered around. 

At Goshopia we believe in quality, in things well done, even if they take longer to be produced. We believe in products that will last a lifetime and can become a heritage piece. Our designers work with artisans, craftsmen or they are themselves developing their own products. Imagine how much love goes into each of the pieces you are seeing here! We support design and innovation because creativity needs to be nurtured and there is no Planet B. Here you will only find exclusive luxury products that support the local economy, respect Mother Nature and exude quality and design. Nothing less, nothing more.

Araceli Gallego (Read the full interview)



GREEN FOOTPRINT: Why do we value this listing? 

  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Support Local Economy 
  • Promote local community





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  • Dscount

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