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of Plastics has been dumped in the landfill and it’s the second largest source of industrial CO2 emission


of Global Plastic production is used in the Food and Beverages industry


of the Ecological Footprint comes from the UAE households, being the greatest contributor

It’s time to change the way we shopWe feature the businesses and practices that create positive impacts by choosing: Better materials, Cleaner products, Lower carbon footprint, Higher quality, and Less waste

Have your reusable bag always ready!

Opt for local and organic products!

Start refilling your products!

Community Leaders drive changesWe can learn from the people around us who are using all means to reduce and avoid single use plastic, while making their conscious choices, doing shopping, and consuming.

Featured shops and solutionsFind the shops that offer Refill stations, organic, local products, and provide alternatives to single use plastic packaging