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Community sharing makes difference. We are recognizing Green Ambassadors!We invite all community leaders and environmentalists in the UAE to help green initiatives grow. Join Green Community by creating your profile and telling us more about yourself and your sustainable practices.

Every 50 GreenFootprint Points are worth One New Planted Tree.Share your knowledge and support our campaigns for common impacts, by creating listings about ECO products, places, or events; and earn points with each activity on the platform.


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Community Leader

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Support Positive Impacts!Vote with your Dirham for positive impacts towards the greener future together!

Why do we need to act together?

For healthy environment for us and the generation to come; for safe and healthy working conditions for ALL workers; for inviting households to reduce food waste; and corporations to do switch to clean energy! Become our Member for impacts by choosing the amount for annual membership fee below!

Membership Benefits include:

Invitations for our Think Thank Sessions- Expend your horizons and knowledge about sustainable living

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GreenFootprintUAE is operating as a public and crowd-sourcing service. All monetary payments go into two funds:

1. To build and improve this platform: This includes covering our monthly dedicated costs and paying developers who are continuously working on improving site functionalities.

2. To run systemic changes for better community: We act as a Green Incubator and work on supporting businesses and communities to improve environmental and social impacts. We allocate 20% of our income to Incubator and Social Funds in order to support innovation, product development and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. 

In case you are a business owner that wants to grow sustainably or individual that wishes to improve your community, contact us for more information.