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Sustainable Transformation Program- by GreenFootrpint & Partners

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Is it difficult to start and grow a project sustainably? Our goal is to empower ethical businesses to grow sustainably while building circularity and greener eco-systems.

The program is made for:

  • Entrepreneurs and organizations that want to grow and transform
  • SMEs and Start-ups that want to explore further strengths and overcome challenges
  • Freelancers and Students who want to start their own sustainable program or learn more about sustainability
  • Eco projects and initiatives that need boost and smart partnerships


  • Completing the enrolment form by April, 30th
  • Conducting sustainability assessment before May 8th
  • Consultation 1-on-1 session in order to introduce the workshop agenda, identify the area of support and client’s expectation before May 8th
  • Intensive month of topic specific workshops with personalized assignments

Session 1: Sustainability and Strategy

Goal: Introduce to the clients an importance of sustainability and empower them to incorporate sustainability into their strategy

Value: Participants will develop critical knowledge and understanding about basics related to sustainability in order to be able to develop a critical judgment and understanding about interconnected eco-systems and boundaries, in order to be able to set goals towards building green and circular economy business models


  • Sustainability challenges and opportunities
  • Building Impacts
  • Circular business model
  • Collaboration and partnership
  • Regulatory environment

Session 2- Business Modeling- Finance and Strategy

Goal: Learn how to create a business model and sustainable growth strategy.

Value: For your business to have the best chance of success, you need a working business model. Your business model should give you direction for decision-making and outline a path to profitability. A business model outlines how your new product or service will go to market and design a mission that considers the future. It gives you a competitive advantage and helps you identify your target customer.

There are many aspects of a great business plan, so you need to understand its purpose and how to put one together.


  • Business and financial planning
  • Path to profitability
  • Target market and size
  • Legal company set up
  • Fundraising and investors

Session 3- Digital Marketing: Social Media for businesses

Goal: To help the clients understand the role of digital & social media marketing in the current industry.

  • Exploration of various ideas on how to improve your digital skills for your business and learn how to explore the social media tools effectively.
  • Composition, designing and planning of the elements to support the relevant content.
  • Transparency and authenticity to create engagement that includes improving hashtag, tags, like game, as well as joining groups and developing a two-way communication relationship within the existing digital platforms.

Value: The clients will learn how a great digital marketing plan for social media can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates and even driving leads and sales.


  • Development of the digital marketing plan including all key deliverables and milestones.
  • Ensure digital presence and visibility relevant to goals and profile of the business.
  • Media Outreach / Exposure Opportunities: Ongoing brand collaborations and exploration of collaboration and partnerships as well as networking within the sustainable community.
  • Ongoing guidance and counsel on strategic direction, opportunities presented and support where required. 

Session 4- Prospective: Growth Plan, Development & Certification 

Goal: Teach clients about how business will need to continue to adapt, change and improve in order to succeed in the long term (with a holistic approach to sustainability). How incorporating all these changes in your business (at an early stage) will help with attracting new talent or looking for investors, etc as well as driving business performance and profit (triple bottom line).

Value: Clients will align themselves and their operations with their mission and their purpose so that they can drive positive change and aspire to be an actual good company, not just an average company with a good marketing department.


  • Understand SDG’s and how they can help to achieve greater impact
  • Different types of certifications
  • Advantages of certifications and being a purpose led brand
  • Overview of impact areas to consider as company grows & develops
  • Implementation proposals

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Together Towards Greener Future!

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