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Gender: Female
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I've lived in the UAE:
Why do I love it here:
If I could get a magic stick, what would I improve:
Where I like to do my groceries, and why:
My favourite eco-brand:
My favourite eco-friendly restaurant/cafe:
The best way to spend time with family and friends:
How I spend my free time:
The best recent discovery in the UAE:
Do I recycle, and how:
What is the best way to learn about sustainability and green living:
The best recent discovery in the UAE:
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  • Rebecca Pritchard, The Good Karma Co. Owner – 29/06/2020

    […] is your favourite eco-friendly restaurant or cafe?Maison Mathis in Arabian Ranches use refillable glass bottles with filtered water, they grow their own herbs and […]

  • Araceli Gallego, Founder of @goshopia_official – 29/06/2020

    […] started as a frustrated consumer, there are some struggles I was going through when making my closet […]

  • Vincent Le 11/06/2020

    I discovered this shop less than one year ago. I was looking for organic vegetables and organic fruits made locally or imported from close countries.
    I fell in love with the taste of their vegetables and the way they grow them in Sharjah. I did not find any other places in Dubai where I can find such tasty tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, salads,...
    Furthermore, it is very rare to find passionate employees and owner with whom we can discuss and learn about the right way of farming, especially here in the desert.
    In a nutshell, I highly recommend this place!