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The organic farm located in Sharjah, operating a shop in Dubai at Al Barsha South. Freshly harvested genuine organic, locally grown vegetables, greens as well as organic fruit & groceries for next-day home delivery. Free delivery for above AED 180 orders in Dubai

Apart from the organic fruits and locally grown vegetables, the farm’s shop also offers Zero Waste shopping options:

  • Refillable yogurts in the glass jars,
  • Refillable Washing powder,
  • Refillable Natural cleaning products (toilette and all purpose cleaners)


STORYTELLING- From the owner

The Greenheart Farm had very humble beginnings. 20 years ago, Greenheart founder Elena Kinane started out on her apartment balcony in Bur Dubai!! Recovering from a chronic illness she was determined to eat only the freshest organic Greens. Coming from an eco-friendly background she grew up surrounded by vegetable patches and fruit trees.

In 2009 Elena took the plunge and set up Nazwa Organic Farm together with a group of friends. Although short lived, its temporary success convinced Elena that growing genuine organic produce on a larger scale in the UAE desert was possible.

More experienced and better equipped, Elena and the team started out again in 2012 and set up Greenheart Organic Farms. Initially, the Greenheart Farm consisted of one old grow house and a few scattered vegetable patches. The produce was delivered weekly to residents of Arabian Ranches. The farm grew slowly and with increased yields more frequent deliveries were introduced. In 2013 the Greenheart Online Store was launched and the Farm Shop opened.

Greenheart focused primarily on selling on its own produce but soon started building relationships with other organic farmers in the region and began to import organic fruit from Lebanon, Sri Lanka and India. In an effort not to become just another organic supermarket, when Greenheart started to import other organic items, focus was on clean organic health foods that were nutritionally valuable.

GreenFootprint: Why do we value this listing? 

  • Fair Pricing- This place proves that organic is not necessarily more expensive. The shop runs often promotions (search for “bulk” offers). It has an individual pricing depending on yield. As the products are harvested in the mornings 5am and delivered the same day to the consumers, all is always fresh. In store there is a table with promotions always. Over all, they are always fair on the quantities. You will always find more if not exact quantity your bought.
  • Quality and tasty products- The majority of the fresh products are coming from their farm. Some of the fresh products (mainly fruits that are not available in the local market) are imported from Lebanon or India. The products have smell and taste, there are different shapes and colors which are a good sign for chemical free products. There are also seasonal arrivals, not available all year through.
  • Friendly staff, kind and passionate owner- As soon as you enter the store, you see and feel determination.
  • Locally made- The farm is located in Sharjah. Once a year open for visitors, loyal customers only.
  • Reusable delivery boxes- This is a great example of circular economy. You receive plastic free products, in paper boxes or linen bags, or glass jars for yogurts. There is a AED 5 deposit for packaging that you can reimburse any time with the driver at delivery.





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5.0 out of 5.0
Cost-Efficient 5.0
Social Responsibility 5.0
Eco-Friendly 5.0
Innovative 5.0
  • Vincent Le
    11/06/2020 at 3:37 pm

    I discovered this shop less than one year ago. I was looking for organic vegetables and organic fruits made locally or imported from close countries.
    I fell in love with the taste of their vegetables and the way they grow them in Sharjah. I did not find any other places in Dubai where I can find such tasty tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, salads,…
    Furthermore, it is very rare to find passionate employees and owner with whom we can discuss and learn about the right way of farming, especially here in the desert.
    In a nutshell, I highly recommend this place!

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