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The Purist Vegan Kitchen


The Purist Vegan Kitchen is run by Shipra, a 100% plant-based chef, recipe developer who offers cooking classes but also vegan meal plan delivery and catering services.

Story Telling 

About a year ago, I started my plant-based meal plan delivery and catering business. My vision for this business was to use completely plastic and toxic-free packaging. However, in the initial stages of setting up, this was difficult to achieve, mainly due to the limited affordable options available in the UAE.

After careful thinking, I decided to introduce glass packaging for my meal plans. This means the clients will get their meals delivered in glass containers, which they will wash and return once used. We then recycle and reuse the same containers for meals for the duration of their plan. Although this option required a little more planning and time, it turned out to be the most non-toxic, zero waste, and sustainable option for the meal plans and in the long run, also economical.

Shipra, The Purist Vegan Kitchen



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