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100% plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and no added nonsense chocolates and snacks based in the UAE.


When I started to face recurrent symptoms of low immunity, permanent infections, early development of cancer, and food intolerances. I had been told for the first time to closely watch my lifestyle, diet, and sugar consumption.

This was extremely difficult for me. I am French and I have been raised on Creme Caramel, Tartes Tatin, and Chocolate Fondant… So I had to learn a new way of eating without compromising on taste.

I started a plant-based lifestyle, free from gluten, refined, and processed foods. However, my sensibility to gluten, fructose, and lactose made eating sweets and desserts nearly impossible. I quickly realized that the “free-from” range was made of preservatives, additives, and a ton of ingredients’ names that I cannot even pronounce or spell correctly. On another end, natural snacks in specialized or grocery stores were always based on the same flavors and I could not find anything really exciting.

ENCAS was created with the motto BE REAL. EAT REAL and the mission to create BETTER FOR YOU foods.



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I am a fresh chemistry graduate from the University of Sharjah. I am very passionate about the environment and its resources