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Upcycle Lets transform

Upcycle Lets transform


Product Description



Upcycle offers a variety of hand-made and ethically produced produce bags, tea bags, shopping bags nutmilk bags and much more! The aim of the company is to reduce everyday reliance on single use plastics.

Our Story

“We are passionate about our planet and we strongly believe that as people we are 100% responsible for protecting our earth and the species that remain on it.  In this journey, we realized that the biggest problem was the consumption of one-time plastic in our daily life.  We needed to do our part.  Apart from recycling and reducing our consumption, there was a need to find alternatives to our problems.  One such area was the overuse of plastic produce bags inside the supermarkets. These bags did not serve any need once we were home and they most likely found their way to the bin.  The statistics based on our own usage was shocking.  At every visit to the supermarket, we collected on an average of at least 10 produce bags.  Which means that we consumed at least 520 bags per year. This got us thinking and we decided to act.  A In 2018, we started by looking out for various other sustainable options to replace these bags. There was a specific need but now we had to figure out a way to execute it and also to make it available to others.  After various experiments with materials, sizes, and the quality, we designed the Upcycle produce bags. We tested these bags for the freshness of vegetables and fruits. We also tested them for their strength and durability.  These bags safely replace the plastic produce bags currently used i.e. to weigh the items in, get them bar coded, and also scan them over the exit counters.  Moreover, these bags can be stored with the product in the refrigerator too. They are easy to maintain and can be machine washed after use. A simple solution like this can on average reduces the consumption of at least 500 single-use plastic produce bags each year for a nuclear family.

Join us in this journey to SAY NO to One-time Plastic! Be conscious of your choices, and encourage those around you to think twice before they throw away any unnecessary plastic items. We as a society need to consider whether it’s worth trading off some convenience for a sustainable, healthy environment.

Lets Transform!

Know more about our approach and our CSR strategy 

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Upcycle Lets transform is joining hands with GreenFootprint in spreading awareness about the single use plastic by being Zero Waste Shopping Ambassador 


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