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It’s an Upcycled Cafe, Bicycle Atelier, Makers Lab, Fair trade Shop, and Community Art Space

STORYTELLING- From the owner

The moment there is no waste for us to upcycle is the moment we stop doing what we do. Till then, we want more people to lead a life that is good for themselves and their families, good for the environment, and good for other communities. If you want to get on board, get in touch and let’s chat.

This is a story of wandering through this earth, through life. Sensing, listening, foraging, hunting, gathering, building. Building with our hands.

This is the story of a soul. A soul that has been wandering through the years. A soul that’s been kind to itself, the earth, and to others.

This is the story of things. How they are made, by who, and why they are made. The story of passion, of breathing love, and a piece of the maker in each thing being sold. Things that have good energy for their users, the environment, and communities beyond our reach.




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