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Bakery and restaurant that offer healthy food and classes / workshops for adults and kids, plus having in-house kid playing area

STORYTELLING- From the owner

To change the way modern human beings, eat, to create a food brand that doesn’t compromise quality and that never ever lies to people. Eating Clean & Healthy – Eating clean is not a diet – it´s a lifestyle!
A lifestyle of giving your body what it needs to be as healthy, fit and happy as you can be. The better the fuel – the better your brain runs. The right nutrition boosts your ability to concentrate and your efficiency. Eating clean means not only to invest in your quality of life but also in your future health with a load of TASTE in it.

The mission is clear:
To eliminate the excuse that people don’t eat well. We provide healthy innocent food which gives power for the life



GREEN FOOTPRINT: Why do we value this listing? 

  • Workshops- Baking / Sushi Classes & Kids Baking
  • Family Friendly– in-house kid playing area




Classes and Workshops


    Basics, Sour Dough, Fermentation, Baking Techniques And A Lot Of Knowledge by Chef Sven Price AED 249 incl Food & Drinks


    Come and join Chef Heike as she teaches you how to make Sushi. A world class Sushi expert, Heike will take you through step by step, explaining the ingredients, and the tools and techniques to make the best Sushi that you can. Price AED 349 incl Food & Drinks

  • Kids Baking at Baker’s Kitchen

    We are passionate about teaching kids how to make healthy food. It’s important to teach great habits at an early age so that our children can learn all about healthy food and grow up to be strong and healthy adults. Let’s show them how to make healthy and tasty food! Price AED 149 incl Food & Drinks


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