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Vertical Design- Art and design studio

Vertical Design- Art and design studio


Product Description

Vertical Design DXB is a testament to the fact that when you dedicate your passion and mind’s work to a task, you can truly make anything happen. For Charlotte De Belle, the founder of Vertical Design DXB, what started as a passion for light quickly turned into a dream. Charlotte travelled to New York to study the art of neon light making. Soon after, crafting neon lights turned into a much bigger venture – creating a space where one can explore their creative talent while simultaneously thriving as a business.
When you walk into Vertical, you will immediately feel the warmth and love that went into creating it. Although there are several brands housed within, the space presents itself as one – a collective unit of creativity and uniqueness. From the neon signs adorning walls and tables to the one-of-a-kind décor pieces, furnishings and flower bouquet creations, you’ll want to slow down and explore. The amazing vibes are definitely all there, however the journey to get to this beautiful space was not an easy one.
Charlotte wanted to find a space that she could share with like-minded individuals. A typical office to work out of is easy to find in the UAE, but this particular venture posed a two-pronged challenge – finding a space that would accommodate a workshop, and finding suitable people who are interested in something similar. As with any dream, the toughest part is always starting out.

First, came the space. Charlotte found a cool spot in Al Quoz, and completely revamped the warehouse to be more inviting, and created a roomy neon and LED workshop within. She hosted a few pop-up events in this space, where she met some vendors she connected with. This got the ball rolling further. Soon, Vertical Design DXB was hosting two other women-owned businesses. This became a big focus for Charlotte – women empowering each other to grow.

Today, Vertical is home to Vertical Design DXB, Urban Nest and Mosaico. All women-owned brands employing other women. All spanning a wide variety of nationalities: French, Dutch and half Peruvian, Brasilian, Swiss,…

The Vertical space itself is as flexible as it is versatile. At the end of 2020, the women collectively decided to renovate the space to give their respective brands an even better place to shine. A space that brings female entrepreneurs’ dreams to life.


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