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Student Sustainability Challenge

Student Sustainability Challenge


Product Description

Supported by the UAE government, we launched Zero Waste Shopping campaign, where we work on one side, closely with the biggest retailers in order to raise awareness and phase out single use plastic; and on the other with consumers in calling them for action to say “NO” to single use plastic.

As a part of our campaign, we are inviting the UAE students to engage their creativity and take part in creating positive impacts by joining our challenge. We are happy to invite all students to join our challenge to explore the current issues and solutions related to single use plastic.

How to participate?

  1. Register
  2. Join our Think Tank- Upload your ideas, findings, and projects. Feel free to raise any question, discussion, and observation. Think Tank is mentored and guided. The results will be a part of the big event where we will bring all stakeholders together.
  3. If you are interested in joining as an intern in order to build your knowledge about sustainability and drive impacts, contact us

Engage your creativity and support our Zero Waste Shopping Campaign by sharing tags on social media



#IamJuggler #greenfootprintuae

With every action you do on the platform, you will be generating the points. Every point generated goes for our mission for biodiversity improvement commitment. Be part of the greener future! 


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