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ReLoop APP – Recycle from your doorstep

ReLoop APP – Recycle from your doorstep


Product Description

ReLoop APP by Ecyclex

Our mobile app is called ReLoop and is available on both iOS and Android.
ReLoop is the outcome of over 2 years of development and testing in UAE. Its official launch coincided with the inauguration of Expo2020. It is inspired by the UAE’s vision for a circular economy, the national target to divert 75% of waste from the landfills, and the demand we see from eco-conscious individuals who want a solution for recycling from homes.

ReLoop’s mission is to empower individuals to be part of the UAE’s circular economy.

ReLoop currently covers Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, and any household in these cities can request a collection of recyclables from the comfort of their home. In the 2nd phase, ReLoop is planning to extend to Al Ain and Ajman, and hopefully to the whole UAE afterwards.
You can recycle electronics, plastics, metals, glass, clothes, paper & cardboard. Through ReLoop, you maintain traceability and records of all the quantities you recycled, and you also gain immediate cash back for the recyclables through ReLoop points which can be redeemed. 

ReLoop offers a free trial for exploring the full service with no strings attached!

After the free trial the service for households is only at AED 69 per month (just as much as 2-3 cups of coffee), and covers:
👉  4 collections a month
👉  2 ReLoop sorting boxes (for plastics and paper/cardboard which are the most common categories)
👉 10% flat discount on all the ReLoop eco-products in the ReLoop Store on the app.
You are also welcome to drop your recyclables at our facilities in Abu Dhabi or Dubai at no cost. At the moment, the recycling quantities and your impact on the environment will not update on the app if you choose to deliver.
Welcome to the ReLoop family for a more sustainable UAE and world, one home at a time!
Know more about Ecyclex and their ethics! Read the article and interview with founders


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