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Modibodi UAE

Modibodi UAE


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Modibodi, Australia’s number 1 Period Underwear Brand is now available here in the UAE. Modibodi underwear and swimming suits looks and feels just like normal underwear and can be worn all day with no leaks. Made of organic, bamboo cotton and merino wool, Modibodi underwear is specifically designed for periods, discharge, light bladder leaks and weak pelvic floors. Reusable underwear you can wear instead of or as well as products you are currently using when you have your period.

The price range starts from AED 89. The brand also offers a Breastfeeding Singlet.

Delivery is available courier the next business day for Dubai, and 1-2 business days for the other emirates. Delivery is free in the UAE for orders AED 300 and over. For orders less than this, deliver is AED 25.



Modibodi UAE was started up in September 2018 by Australian ex-pat Natalie Hobbs. It all began late one night when Natalie stumbled across a Facebook Ad for period-proof underwear which captured her interest. Having used pads and tampons for almost 30 years, Natalie was very intrigued to learn about underwear you could wear when having your period without a pad or tampon (or as well as, depending on flow).

It soon became apparent that Modibodi was the leader in period-proof underwear. The technology was developed over several years, many prototypes, almost 1,000 scientific experiments and consulting with almost 100 textile engineers and fibre companies in Australia and the US. The result is an amazing range of underwear that is comfortable, better for the environment, cheaper in the long-run, safer, looks great and works! Simply wear it, give it a quick rinse and then machine wash on a delicate cycle. Modibodi also includes a maternity range including underwear and a breastfeeding singlet – eliminating the need to use breast pads. 

Women with heavy periods no longer need to worry about leaking or spotting. Teenage girls (and some even younger) no longer need to be anxious about their period arriving and being unprepared. Modibodi gives women peace of mind – every month.


green foot print ae

GreenFootprint: Why do we value this listing? 

ECO-Friendly- By avoiding using disposable single use plastic (which the majority of menstrual pads are made of) we are reducing the waste and improving our Green Footprint for the planet!

Organic option- The various studies are showing that the majority of the pads and not necessarily good for the health.

Read the article for more information on the options and alternatives.



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