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Low Waste Online shop- The Good Karma Co

Low Waste Online shop- The Good Karma Co


Product Description


The Good Karma Co. is online shop for Zero Waste products alternatives.

STORYTELLING- From the owner

The Good Karma Co. brings eco friendly lifestyle essentials to you, in the hope that it will make it easier to SAY YES to the small changes that can really make a difference! We can all do something to create a little more good karma and the world needs our effort now more than ever.

What you buy and use matter. The habits you break and the new ones you nurture, matter and are far reaching, but living low waste is not about perfection or extremes – it’s about doing what we can with what we have!

We hope we can inspire you to make that switch or small change, and together we can inspire and lead the way to a cleaner and greener future.

GreenFootprint: Why do we value this listing? 

Zero Waste Living is a way forward to fight plastic pollution and excessive consumerism. Zero Waste living principles are helping consumers to shift behavior so they care more about the environmental and social impacts that affects us all, as well as the future generations to come.

The change of the way we consume cannot be done in 360 and it should go gradually. It’s important to make a first move, saying NO to single use plastic.



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