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Library On the Wheels

Library On the Wheels


Product Description

“There is no substitute for books in the life of a child.”—May Ellen Chase

After the successful soft launch of our Library service in select areas, SprucedUp is proud to announce the launch of our Library on the Go service across UAE! Free delivery and pickup of books across all emirates in UAE.

The best way to encourage reading as a habit for the little ones is to embrace the activity together as a family! Hence we are excited to announce that we have worked very hard over the last few weeks to add over 1000 books across all ages including adults, so as to make the library service meaningful for your entire family!

-> Borrow books up to a rental amount of AED 50 every month for your family
-> No pickup or delivery costs across all emirates in the UAE
-> Free delivery of items purchased from SprucedUpForKids ( along with library orders
-> No deposit or registration fees

As we wrap up summer holidays, let’s continue the commitment to reading along with our little ones! Hit us up today at to bring the library home! Link in the bio.


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