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Healthy Chocolate- Co Chocolat

Healthy Chocolate- Co Chocolat


Product Description

Co Chocolat


Co Chocolat is a chocolate shop that is committed to the production of healthy chocolates that will satisfy everyone’s tastes and health needs. They offer a range of products such as chocolate bars to spreads and hot chocolate mixes. They will surely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Story Telling 

We are two sisters based in Dubai who couldn’t find truly healthy chocolates despite our many travels. Delicious there were many, but healthy? Not really. So together, with our then-sixty-eight-year-old diabetic mother, we traveled to the beautiful island of Mindanao, Philippines to study the main ingredient of chocolate: cacao. We learned how to plant, prune, and harvest from cacao trees and ferment its beans. On this trip, we became friends with farmers, agriculturists, and government workers who opened our eyes to the realities of cacao farming.


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