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Garment Care service – The Natural Laundry Company

Garment Care service – The Natural Laundry Company


Product Description

The Natural Laundry Company 


The Natural Laundry Company provides a premium service-provider with superior results: no toxic cancer-causing chemicals on your skin and clothes, cleaner clothes with longer life, and no damage to the environment.


The Natural Laundry Company was born out of a desire to offer a safer daily life for our family. With toxins growing more common in our urban lives, we have for years been in search of cleaner alternatives for everything that touches our loved one’s lives including water, food, farming solutions, hobbies, and fabrics. Like most people, we regularly dry clean our delicates not knowing how toxic the chemicals used in dry cleaning really are. Since learning the facts about the dry cleaning industry we searched all ‘green’ cleaning options and found that whilst many processes claimed to be relatively eco-friendly, they still remained toxic either for humans or the environment, with wet cleaning the only known process today that is safe for humans and the environment. Absent an option to wet clean our garments in the UAE we decided to create one ourselves.


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