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Carrefour UAE offers range of bulk / refill products and stations, among others. In Springs Souk there are refill stations for following products: nuts and dry fruits, tea and coffee, oil and honey, plastic free fruits and vegetable, grains, and spices. There are also alternative to single use plastic cutlery and plats, made of bamboo.

STORYTELLING- From the owner

Carrefour UAE believes in conducting its operations in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. As such, the company is an active participant in key corporate social responsibility initiatives pioneered by Majid Al Futtaim Retail.

Carrefour UAE drives environmental sustainability by reducing ecological footprint through energy efficiency, and replacing plastic bags with eco-bags to reduce waste.


GREEN FOOTPRINT: Why do we value this listing? 

  • No Packaging– 42% of Global Plastic production is used in the Food and Beverages production.
  • No Plastic- Divert consumers from plastic bags consumption by offering the alternative solutions.
  • No Food Waste– By buying “in bulk” sometimes means getting offers because of buying bigger quantity. Here we are talking about buying how mush you wish to buy and how much you need. You can manage better your food waste and your budgets. We refer to refill stations where you have a range of products that you can buy as much you want, and normally the pricing is more advantage.
  • Find out more about the bulk shopping or zero waste shopping concepts (click here)




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