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LuLu Hypermarket offers range of bulk / refill products and stations, among others. In Festival Plaza there are refill stations for following products: nuts and dry fruits, plastic free fruits and vegetable, grains, and spices, bakary.

STORYTELLING- From the owner

LuLu Hypermarket, the retail division of the multidimensional and multinational LuLu Group International has always been known as a trend setter of the retail industry in the region. Today, LuLu symbolizes quality retailing with 188 stores and is immensely popular with the discerning shoppers across the Gulf region.

With its pleasant and novel variation from the usual supermarkets, LuLu offers an ultra-modern shopping ambience by integrating all conceivable needs of the consumers under one roof. LuLu Hypermarkets have extensively laid out counters, sprawling parking spaces, play areas for children, food court, money exchange and bank counters besides a panoply of international and regional brands aptly justifying its tagline, ‘LuLu, where the world comes to shop’.

LuLu Hypermarkets not only dot the cities of the UAE but have become the most preferred shopping destinations in GCC, Egypt, India,Indonesia and Malaysia.


GREEN FOOTPRINT: Why do we value this listing? 

  • No Packaging– 42% of Global Plastic production is used in the Food and Beverages production.
  • No Plastic- Divert consumers from plastic bags consumption by offering the alternative solutions.
  • No Food Waste– By buying “in bulk” sometimes means getting offers because of buying bigger quantity. Here we are talking about buying how mush you wish to buy and how much you need. You can manage better your food waste and your budgets. We refer to refill stations where you have a range of products that you can buy as much you want, and normally the pricing is more advantage.
  • Find out more about the bulk shopping or zero waste shopping concepts (click here)




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