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EV charging stations- Plug Share

the UAE


PlugShare is a global crowd-sourced map and mobile app showing the EV charging stations, having listed over 315 locations in the UAE.

STORYTELLING- From the owner

We’re a sustainable energy data and infrastructure company founded in 2009, 100% focused on the electric vehicle (EV) category. Our mission is to accelerate adoption and advancement of plug-in car technology. We’re headquartered in El Segundo, CA

The leading app for EV drivers, PlugShare is a community based tool that guides users to public charging locations throughout the world. Available for iOS, Apple Watch, Android, and on the web, PlugShare is fueled by extremely high levels of driver participation with over 2,000,000 crowd-sourced reviews and over 375,000 driver contributed photos.



GREEN FOOTPRINT: Why do we value this listing? 

  • Ecological contribution- By using electrical mobility, save +2,300 metric ton yearly, reduce CO2 emissions in our atmosphere and contributing to a greener planet





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