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Etuix – Fashion


ETUIX recycles advertising posters made out of PVC, which, at the end of each advertising campaign, would have been discarded with huge costs in terms of both waste disposal and damages to the environment. It converts them into unique fashion accessories such as hand bags, cases, back packs, purses, shoes and belts.



Because of the need to dispose of PVC advertising large posters, in October 2008, advertising agency LAPIX SAGL established ETUIX whose aim is to recycle PVC posters from their customers, converting them into unique fashion accessories.

In June 2009, after many months of concept planning, we created our first ETUIX product commissioned by an important Swiss client: the product was a small GOLF BAG made in 5000 samples.

In the above way our business started designing its sample set.

ETUIX creates a series of items which are oblivious to generations, seasons and trends. It creates products which are designed and dedicated to those who have chosen eco-sustainability as their lifestyle.

ETUIX donates some of its proceeds to non-profit organisations who are engaged in eco-sustainable projects.


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  • Sustainable
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