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About is an e-commerce initiative established by A S A L Honey Trading, a Dubai-based company. provides a reliable source of premium-quality Omani raw honey.

Story Telling 

“Asal” or عسل is the Arabic word for Honey and it has played an important role in Arabic culture for many centuries. In the Sultanate of Oman, honey is featured within the local tradition, and it is used as food and medicine. Many in the region, consider Omani Honey as the best and most reliable source of raw, unprocessed honey.

At, we work closely with reliable Omani beekeepers to bring a variety of raw and organic honey products from the mountains and traditional local beehives that are located across Oman.

We strongly believe in the healing and medicinal benefits of Omani honey and through our blog and store, our mission is to raise awareness and provide a reliable source for raw and organic honey as well as other “Made in Oman” products.


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I am a fresh chemistry graduate from the University of Sharjah. I am very passionate about the environment and its resources