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WILD FABRIK- e-commerce platform

16, 6a Nad al hamar

Dubai-founded SME WILD FABRIK goes live this October with a goal to merge fashion with sustainability. With a wide range of women’s, kid’s and men’s fashion, and home goods all in one e-commerce platform, WILD FABRIK offers a new perspective with the best of both worlds: keeping us accountable but still looking good.

The e-commerce platform features over 30 small eCo brands from all over the world that bring a bit of flair to the sustainable world. WILD FABRIK offers eye-catching, eco-friendly products at an affordable price. The founders, Gergana Abdulrahman, Reine Naoum, Alexis Gibson, and Khalid Abdulrahman came together with a wild mission to provide a more natural lifestyle through a wide range of options.

Weekly editions and pop-up shops feature brands with unique concepts and styles that match your needs and better your life, one stitch at a time. Slow fashion not only makes your style pop, it also lowers your global footprint and makes you feel a lot better about your purchases!


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