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Stone Grey offers ready to wear minimalistic and sustainable women wear. Based on the ideology of “The subtle strength of simplicity in the appreciation of space.”

Story Telling 

Stone Grey as a brand, aims to raise awareness and gain recognition by turning into a synonym for minimalist fashion, to be the go-to brand in Dubai for your staples, to get good quality, timeless and classic pieces with the perfect amount of detailing to add character and personality. Stone Grey has a very clear brand image that is successfully woven into every product in the house. The brand also aims to resonate with every client who comes in contact with the brand, to challenge each one of them to look at design differently, in a more modern, minimal, and modest way. The brand is relatable to all, equally with the potential to influence and change.


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I am a fresh chemistry graduate from the University of Sharjah. I am very passionate about the environment and its resources