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The concept for Pots, Pans, and Boards comes from my childhood memories of a busy family kitchen, cooking in a bustling, comforting environment. The place has a dedicated kid playing area.


The name comes from what I truly love about food; sharing delicious meals with friends and family, enjoying the moment in an informal and joyful atmosphere. I think from my childhood of big earthenware pans being baked in the oven, simmering pots of meat, baked fish straight from the pan, and old kitchen boards that were used for carving or preparing on.

This idea of relaxed sharing extends through to the design of the restaurant. It takes inspiration from natural, open, rustic style home kitchens, featuring reclaimed wood and mismatched furniture. With a range of hanging copper pots and pans, shelves full of spices and condiments set in the middle of the dining area, old kitchen knives, and large heavy cleavers stuck into the walls of antique kitchen tiles, this restaurant is meant to be a home away from home.

This is an ideal place for big families and large groups of friends, with its large communal wooden tables, as well as stools along the kitchen pass. It is all about sharing great food in a laid-back fashion, family-style, in pots, pans, and on boards.


  • Average Cost

    For about two people ( Approx )

    AED 245.00


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I am a fresh chemistry graduate from the University of Sharjah. I am very passionate about the environment and its resources