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Two mothers debunk messy “eco news” for a healthier,  sustainable family lifestyle.

Their weapons? Science, research, and a looooot of questions!

Broadcasting from two ends of the world, Charlene and Madie, go straight to the point providing unfiltered information and debunking greenwashing myths around products and services from across the world.

If you’re a curious parent, who finishes off the day by falling asleep on articles just after reading troubling headlines- we hear you! And we’ve got your back!

Understanding the ongoing debates, complexities of climate change, the toxins causing harm to our families, all  while juggling parenting life is not so easy. Let us guide you on the journey against all greenwashing and towards truly, and easy  sustainable lifestyles.

Fear no more – Green Busters are here to make your journey to a sustainable family life easy!

New episodes launched every Wednesday.



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Hosted By Charlene Nawar

Charlene Nawar

Environmentalist, lawyer, yoga teacher and ‘mom’ – all in one. Not living parallel lives; my work and my life unite to inspire people worldwide to live more sustainably by reducing their waste. Yoga and mindfulness are a lifestyle that further compliment a zero-waste lifestyle. I apply what I teach to my everyday life wherever I am, especially at home.

In 2019, I founded UNWRAPPED UAE, an app, blog and consultancy that advocates for sustainable living at home, schools or at corporate level. I am passionate about coaching people and putting them on the “unknown path” of zero waste.

My goal is to transform my community and my city into a place that grows sustainably, where people appreciate that this lifestyle is more than just a change of habits, it provides the fundamental core values of a life that we want to live! A life based on experiences over material possessions, wellness and sustainability. Collectively, all our actions, big and small add up to a big difference.

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