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Ethical Fashion – By M.A.R.Y

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

By M.A.R.Y


By Mary is an eco-conscious brand that gives back to the community. They offer a range of unique clothing that will surely add a pop color to everyone’s closet!

Story Telling 

African fashion has evolved a great deal in the last few decades. It is more than just the variety of wax prints that have invaded our wardrobes in the last two seasons, more than the traditional clothes of 54 countries in Africa, more than the fantastical colors associated with the Sapeurs. It is a new continental language, a speech weaved by a new generation of designers who are redefining the aesthetics contours of a figure that has been reduced to pure cliché for a long time.

African fashion should be accessible to all types of women, of all skin types. It just needs to be adapted.

By Mary is an ode to the women I admire, it’s my vision to mix my African roots with a twist of modern rock and a bang-up-to-date contemporary attitude.
Made for all women who want to feel sexy and classy in a distinctive way.
Women who love to wear clothes that are unique and designed for their shape.
Women with color and music in their hearts.


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