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The first Think Tank session about Conscious Consumption took place on Nov 15th. We discussed the challenges and opportunities in the sustainability sector and the choices that we make or are presented to us. The discussion added an insight into the business opportunities when talking about conscious consumption. Our great participants shared their insights.

Upcycle Let’s Transform has durable and reusable products sourced from women in India. It’s also our Ambassador for Impact through our Zero Waste Shopping Campaign. Please view their beautiful products and CSR strategy. As the Christmas season is approaching it’s a chance to wrap gifts in reusable bags and show an example.

Shift Eco is driven by two incredible women entrepreneurs. It’s not only making eco products accessible to all but it’s also playing an important role in decoding the world of sustainability so people could understand more and switch easier.

Charlene from Unwrapped has been one of the most inspiring individuals in AUH. Her Unwrapped baby keeps growing every day. Recently she launched her beauty products and we hope to see them more and more around accessible across all Emirates.

Jaya Thawani is a super business woman with great skills and inspiring speaker. She is an environmentalist and ambassador for planet. She initiated a group of passionate individuals called Unite For Planet.

Manali’s great Community project for great positive impacts

Sustainably U  with their beautiful products for kids and families reinforcing circular economy